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Motorcycle Racing Leathers

Suit designed to be worn by the control riders of Takeit2theTrack Track Days. Each suit was customized with the names and logos chosen by the rider. Adobe Photoshop 2009.

The first of several women's suits designed for ACT Leathers. Adobe Photoshop 2008.

This suit was designed for AMA Pro racer Mike Morgan. He was to be displayed in Autolite® advertisements. Adobe Photoshop 2009.
Designed for an editor and tester for Roadracing World Magazine. Adobe Photoshop 2010.
This suit was created for AMA Pro racer Dean Mizdal. Adobe Photoshop 2009.
Suit designed for AMA Pro and WERA racer Jay Ruess. Adobe Photoshop 2010.
Designed this suit for a track day regular and Ti2TT control rider. Adobe Photoshop 2010.
Suit designed for a customer of Ti2TT. The logo we used on the back is an actual duplicate of a tattoo the rider had on his back. Adobe Photoshop 2008.
Suit designed for AMA Pro Superbike racer Jeremy Toye to wear at the 2011 Macau GP road race. Jeremy is to ride the 2-time Macau GP winning PBM World Superbike spec Kawasaki ZX-10R. Adobe Photoshop 2011.

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